Those mockups in full…

You’ve read my last post and now you’re naturally curious about what I’ve come up with. I hope this brings some clarity. Whatever you think, I’d love to hear your feedback. First up, the results of some experimentation in my favourite medium – cardboard. I’ve always said, if it can’t be made out of cardboard and Sellotape™, it ain’t worth making.

As I said last time, some of my goals are:

1. Give comments parity with articles.
2. Enable users to organize content themselves.
3. Mix local content with content from other sites.

Which I sum up with the phrase “bringing back the web.” Here’s how I plan to do that:

The traditional view of an article with comments underneath.

This time we're viewing one of the comments, just as if it were an article. Other related items are shown below it, including the article it refers to.

Here, I've tagged an article and some comments. If I tag all that spam and trolling, neither I nor anyone who (explicitly or implicitly) trusts my opinions need ever see them again.

I agree with myself. I disagree with Julie Newmar. Julie's post is a reply to mine. Everyone who trusts me will have these assertions taken into account when they view this page.

Here we have what Julie and her followers will see. My post is shrunk, giving hers a higher prominence but both are still visible. The spam and trolls are still hidden. On that we can both agree.

I hope you’re getting the idea with this. If you tend to tag the same way I do, you’ll tend to see what I liked and miss what I didn’t – and vice-versa. This gets more useful when there’s more than a handful of comments.

Next are some screen grabs from a page I put together with the aid of jQueryUI. It’s very crude and, just as Aza predicted, it’s definitely wrong. As soon as you feel like feeding back, head to the comment box down below and get those thoughts down quick, while they’re still there.

It’s a prototype tagging interface:

Nothing selected

One item selected. Note the tagging buttons at the top.

Two items selected. As well as tagging them both, we can describe a relationship between them.

More than two items selected. Binary relationship buttons removed.

Control for adding (and then tagging) related external content.

Finally, there’s this mockup of a comment from embedded in a comment box.

This is more symbolic than anything, representing the sort of interaction I’d like to see happen. In a real deployment, the Sky comment would have the same layout and styling as the BBC comments. It would only appear there because someone had tagged a relationship between it and the BBC story or one of the BBC comments.

So there you go. Those are my ideas regarding comments. Let me know what you think.

3 Responses to “Those mockups in full…”

  1. Great example of ‘thinking out loud.’ More posts like this! 🙂

  2. […] the author’s ideas in a non-linear fashion  at their own pace — or used video, sketches or mock-ups to illustrate their […]

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